Hiroshi Chiyama

Wide range and deep Technical skills for Computer Graphics production pipeline.

Pipeline development, Plugin/Script development, Motion Capture, Rigging, Network programming, Web-based system development, Mathematics for Graphics, Interface design, Usability design, System Administration.

Software Engineer at Entertainment industry(April 2005 – Present)

  • Developed pipeline platform.
  • Planned, designed, implemented Motion Capture management system.
  • Planned, designed, implemented Web-based project management system.
  • Fixed any bugs on fltk with multibyte text handling.
  • Designed, implemented plugins on Maya and MotionBuilder for character rigging and motion editing.

Engineer at Post Production(April 2002 – April 2005)

  • Designed, implemented, supported real camera data to CG camera data comverter.
  • Developed, supported realtime camera data protocol converter for Virtual Set.
  • Designed, implemented, supported Control command router on TCP/IP for Digital Disk Recorder.
  • Operation, Technical Support to broadcast “World Record Line” for Pan Pacific Swimming Championships 2002
  • Designed, Implemented Motion Control Camera “MILO” Simulator for Maya to previsualize.